I assumed both the physical and emotional discomfort would prove too powerful an adversary for her. I was wrong.

From the small Midwest town of Sedalia, Missouri, Scott Smith has turned his commute to work into an opportunity to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!

The old Huffy was heavy. The spokes were rusty, the chain clangy, and the rear wheel was somewhat elliptical shaped and canted slightly to the right. With each rotation, the tire would wobble, rubbing the frame and brakes.

To me, fitness is not a destination, it is a journey. You don’t simply wake up one morning and find yourself fit. You put yourself on a road that is filled with potholes, bumps, roadblocks and traffic.

Like running a marathon, training for and riding a 100-mile "century" ride is a rewarding challenge. Here are some tips from former pro cyclist Simon Kessler to help you prepare for your first century.

It was one of those cool, crystal clear Autumn days. Perfect for cycling, until....