Disc Golf - Family Fun ...with a Fling!

Courtesy of the PDGA Disc Golf.. A Great Family Sport Disc Golf.. A Great Family Sport

Disc golf is a great way to get outdoors and get fit with family and friends.

A Great Family Sport

Disc golf, sometimes called Frisbee Golf, is a great family sport. Take it from me, my children all started playing years ago when they begged to come along with me and we all headed off to the nearest disc golf course.

Disc golf has become one of the fastest-growing sports in the world for several reasons:

•  It is inexpensive to play 

•  Anybody, from school age children to old-timers, can play ...even the disabled!

•  It’s so easy to learn that young children catch on quickly

•  It offers low-impact aerobic exercise and an opportunity to socialize

•  And the best reason of all: Disc golf is FUN!

What Is It?

The game evolved slowly in the early 1970s as we dutifully obeyed the words stamped on the bottom of every Frisbee: “Play catch - Invent games.” One of the games we played was a variation of golf. Instead of hitting a ball with a club, we would pick out objects to throw at such as trees or fire hydrants, and then see how many throws it took to hit the object. 

Today, instead of throwing at trees, we aim at standardized disc golf targets which “catch” the disc and drop it into a sturdy metal basket mounted on a pole. Some 4,000 permanent disc golf courses are now located not only throughout the United States but also in many countries around the world. 

Disc Golf

The object then—and now—is simple: Throw your golf disc (smaller and heavier than a Frisbee) toward the basket and count how many throws it takes to finally land it in the basket. Whether the course has nine holes or 27, you simply add up your throws hole by hole and see who has the fewest throws. 

An Inexpensive Way to Stay Fit

While disc golf shares much with regular golf, it is quite different in some ways. For instance it’s much less expensive. Instead of costly golf equipment, all you need is a $15 golf disc. It’s also less formal than golf; instead of tee times, golf carts, and greens fees, just load up the minivan or bike to your local course. Chances are the course will be free to play, although pay-for-play courses are becoming more popular.

Tips for New Players

1.  Play with a golf disc. They fly farther than regular Frisbees, but don’t expect to play like a pro right way. Be patient developing your skills. 

2.  Bring friends or family members along. It’s always more fun to play with others.

3.  Ask for advice and tips from local players. Good players enjoy sharing their knowledge with new players.

4.  Have Fun! The keys to disc golf are to relax, have a good time, and enjoy the fresh air and natural setting. Yes, it’s that simple.

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Joe Feidt - DiscGolfer Magazine

Joe Feidt is the Senior Editor of DiscGolfer Magazine, published quarterly by the Professional Disc Golf Association. He has been playing and promoting disc golf with his family and friends since 1976. He can be reached at jfeidt@pdga.com.