Editorial Guidelines


At GoFamz.com we are passionate about health and fitness.  Our mission is to help people move from simply surviving to thriving by successfully integrating health and fitness into their daily lives.

We believe that health and fitness are most achievable and maintainable in the context of family and friendships, and in discovering new adventures together.  These important relationships can provide an excellent source of encouragement, accountability, togetherness, and fun.  


The primary connection point between GoFamz and consumers is via the GoFamz website at www.gofamz.com. 


The GoFamz brand and website are targeted to a diverse audience of individuals and families who desire to pursue a lifestyle of health, fitness, and fun.


The foundation of the GoFamz site is well-written, expert articles on health and fitness topics primarily in the context of achieving and maintaining health and fitness within friend and family relationships.  We believe this is important because people are often more motivated when sharing the experience with others.

All content submitted to GoFamz should be positive and encouraging.  The goal of each article is threefold:

  1. To provide accurate and useful health and fitness information
  2. To provide great ideas for how to achieve what the article is promoting
  3. To provide encouragement and inspiration.


GoFamz publishes original content from a wide variety of contributors including GoFamz staff, published authors, coaches, athletes, registered dieticians and nutritionists, health and fitness related business owners, and other health and fitness enthusiasts.  Articles solicited directly from GoFamz should be forwarded, along with an author bio and photos, to the email address used in our correspondence.  Unsolicited articles are welcomed and can be submitted through the contributor portal at www.gofamz.com/submit-article.


  • Length should be approximately 500 words.  However longer articles that can be broken into multi-page segments are acceptable.
  • Include title and subheads.
  • Articles should be written in third person unless the article is a review of an event or place, or is a recounting a personal experience.
  • Use the active voice and avoid the passive voice (e.g., "Caesar stabbed Brutus" instead of "Brutus was stabbed by Caesar.")
  • Define all jargon (e.g., in an article about hydration, words like "electrolytes" and "hyponatremia" should be defined).
  • Articles must not appear to promote the products or services of authors.
  • All articles including bylined submissions should be accompanied by an author's biography of no more than 75 words and an author photo.  Include any desired links within the biography.
  • Original photographs and illustrations are welcomed.  A permission statement for use must accompany photographs or illustrations.

Acceptance for Publication

GoFamz reserves the right to edit content submissions for length, clarity, and conformity to GoFamz style standards without notification to the original author and to include or exclude submitted photography and illustrations.


We encourage contributors to provide photographic images to enhance their content.  While none of our content is directed to children, we realize that many families may explore GoFamz with children present.  Therefore, we take a very conservative approach to the images we allow to be displayed.  

Exclusivity and Copyright

Unless otherwise agreed upon in writing, all contributions submitted to GoFamz must be original, unpublished work, not submitted for publication elsewhere.  Submission of a manuscript for publication signifies the author's agreement to assign unlimited copyright and/or grant a license to GoFamz, and to allow GoFamz to publish the article across multiple properties.

Upon requests for reprints of articles appearing on GoFamz.com or related properties, GoFamz will contact the original author.  If the original author cannot be reached, or fails to reply, GoFamz reserves the right to grant permission to reprint the article.

See the GoFamz Terms of Use for further information about exclusivity and copyright.

Revisions to these Guidelines

Revisions to these guidelines will be posted at www.gofamz.com/editorial-guidelines.