Fitness after 40 ...Living with No Regrets

Don't look back with regrets Don't look back with regrets

Fitness over 40? You're just getting started!

Turning 40

As with many who reach middle age, turning 40 was a difficult experience for me. Partly because the reality that I was getting older began to hit home. But mostly because of regrets that began to surface within me. Regrets that I had wasted so much time. Regrets that I hadn't been more intentional about spending time with family. And regrets that I hadn't done more to stay healthy and fit.

Blessed with a high metabolism, I wasn't overweight. But years of eating overly processed foods and getting very little exercise were taking their toll. I was tired most of the time, had very little energy, and little motivation.

Changing Our Lifestyle ...Together

As I approached my 40th birthday, I decided that I didn't want to look back on middle age with the same regrets. It also became crystal clear that to achieve and maintain health and fitness, they had to be fully integrated into my life. They couldn't be something I did only when I thought I had time. That method almost always led to failure. Instead, health and fitness had to be woven into the fabric of my family and even my friendships. I needed their encouragement and support and they needed mine.

And so we Began!

My wife and I learned about eating whole, nutrient dense foods together. We cooked healthy meals together as a family. We hiked local trails together. My wife and daughter began a 5K training program together. We kicked a soccer ball around at the park together. We invited friends to participate with us. And eventually I set my sites on finishing a half marathon.

Encouraging Each Other

During my training, my daughter or one of my sons was almost always alongside me either running or riding a bike. Even if they were only with me for a mile or so. As a family we embraced health and fitness together, and were alongside each other as we set and achieved fitness goals.

Now at 44, I've finished two half-marathons, one full-marathon, and two 100 mile "century" bicycle events. And I can honestly say that I've never felt better. Never had more energy. Never had such a joyful outlook. And as a family, we've never spent so much quality time together.

Fitness. Fun. Together!

So grab your family or some friends and discover some new and exciting ways to successfully integrate health and fitness into your life!

Brian DeLay

Brian DeLay is an airline pilot living in the Midwest with his wife and three children. As an avid runner and cyclist he has completed numerous half-marathons, marathons, and cycling "century" rides, and serves as the race director for the Run for the Ridge 5K. His favorite activities are those he shares with his family. Visit Brian on Google+

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