Overcoming Fitness Burnout

Try a New Fitness Activity Try a New Fitness Activity

Dont' sabotage your fitness goals. Explore a variety of fitness activities to keep exercise fun and effective.

Don't Get Bored ..Try Something New!

Most people find a workout routine they like and don't vary it much. However, this approach can sabotage your long-term fitness goals. Sticking to one routine can lead to boredom. You end up having to drag yourself to the gym, or outside to run. Secondly, over time your body adapts to your routine causing your muscles stop responding in the same way. Because your body becomes more efficient at that exercise, you will burn fewer calories over time and your fitness gains will peak. This can result in discouragement and lack of commitment.

Change It Up

This can be avoided with a few simple changes. If you need to stay with one exercise because of your location or schedule, try adding some resistance. If you are a walker, try walking that hill nearby your house that you've been avoiding. Add light ankle weights or do some lunges. You might even try adding some jogging into your walk or vary your walking speed. If you don’t mind people staring at you, walk backwards for a few steps. This will allow you to use different muscles. Adding resistance or some sort of change (such as a hill) will force your body to adjust to the new changes. This will give your metabolism a nice boost and help prevent boredom.

Indoor Rock Climbing
Try Indoor Rock Climbing

Try New Fitness Activities

If you have freedom with your schedule and location, try changing your exercise routine all together. I used to be a walker. It was great for my schedule and location and it was working for me. But in time, I started getting bored and stopped losing weight. So I decided to sign up for an aerobics class. I enjoyed the change and I started losing weight again. I then added swimming once a week and some free weights. I noticed some great changes in my body and metabolism. Plus, I was enjoying exercise!

Set New Fitness Goals

After giving birth to my third child I decided to run a half marathon. This was a big step for me because I didn't like running and had never run more than 3 miles. But after some training, I successfully completed the half marathon and began to enjoy running. Running also helped me lose my pregnancy weight.

Discover New Activities

Find new fitness activities that you enjoy! Read books, magazines, and watch videos. There are many resources to help you make some changes. GoFamz.com is a fantastic place to discover fitness activities that you can enjoy.

I encourage you to be creative and have fun getting fit. Don’t get discouraged and give up. Try something new today!

Marisa Strauss

Marisa Strauss has a degree in Exercise Science and Health Promotion from the University of Memphis and is a Certified Personal Trainer and Group Fitness Instructor. She’s a fitness fanatic, dance aerobics enthusiast, organic foods advocate, and avid runner. After being diagnosed with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s disease, Marisa was forced to learn new ways of pushing her body and eating healthier. Her passion is to share this knowledge with others!

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