The GO! Box - Creating Fun and Fitness for your Family

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A great way to encourage your family to stay active and have fun together!

Just have fun

It sits in the corner of our garage, beckoning us. It encourages us to take an item or two from its contents and go outside. It motivates us to forget about the worries of the day and just have fun together. This red plastic container is what we affectionately call the GO! Box.

The GO! Box

Our family GO! Box is filled with a couple of frisbees, footballs, baseballs & gloves, bats, a soccer ball, badminton racquets, and several other outdoor play items. We love the outdoors, and when we walk through the garage to go outside, we are naturally drawn to the Go! Box. Its contents have provided countless hours of fun, fitness, and some great family memories over the years.

Your own GO! Box

Here are some simple tips for making your own GO! Box:

  1. Gather and clean your sporting goods and outdoor play items. This serves as a great reminder of items you may have forgotten about and can build excitement among both children and parents.
  2. Find a heavy-duty plastic tub and have your child decorate and attach a Go! Box label.
  3. Place the items in the GO! Box and regularly take them outside to play with your kids.
  4. Depending on the shape and size, a GO! Box can be an easy and convenient way to carry your sporting goods and play items to the park!
  5. In time, your family will be naturally drawn to the GO! Box. It will be a great source of fun and family fitness!
Brian DeLay

Brian DeLay is an airline pilot living in the Midwest with his wife and three children. As an avid runner and cyclist he has completed numerous half-marathons, marathons, and cycling "century" rides, and serves as the race director for the Run for the Ridge 5K. His favorite activities are those he shares with his family. Visit Brian on Google+

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