14 Fitness Adventure Dates

Ropes course - adventure in the tree tops Ropes course - adventure in the tree tops

"Dinner-and-a-movie" is great, but why not make a lasting memory with one of these 14 fitness adventure dates.

Discover Fitness and Adventure with your Date

"Dinner-and-a-movie" is great, but why not make a lasting memory with one of these 14 fitness adventure dates.

  1. Cycling on a “Rails to Trails” bike path - Find a trail near you at TrailLink. Rent a tandem bike at a nearby bike shop.
  2. Laser tag - Some indoor laser tag facilities also offer other activities such as bowling and skating.
  3. Indoor rock climbing - Indoor rock climbing is a great couple's activity. Most indoor rock climbing locations offer introductory classes. Learn to climb and belay with your partner.
  4. Horseback riding - Many stables offer riding lessons and guided riding tours.
  5. Ice skating - Hold hands, chat, and steal a kiss while helping your date up after a spill.
  6. Geocaching - Combining fitness and treasure hunting, geocaching is a great outdoor activity year-round.
  7. Martial arts introductory class - Discover Krav Maga, Tae Kwon Do, or another martial art. Some studios offer free or discounted introductory lessons.
  8. Indoor trampoline gym - Many trampoline gyms offer activities such as aerial aerobics and dogdeball. Sky Zone is one of our favorites!
  9. Salsa dance class - Sign up for a beginner Salsa class, or check out a Hip-hop or Jazz dance class.
  10. Indoor skydiving - Jumping out of an airplane not your thing? Check out indoor skydiving! You'll break the bonds of gravity in the safety of a vertical wind tunnel.
  11. Beginner scuba diving lesson – Don't have warm water near you? Many community centers and YMCA facilities offer indoor scuba lessons.
  12. Wilderness survival course - Learn to build shelter, build a friction fire, purify water, and obtain wild food. Some companies such as Wilderness Awareness School offer weekend and week-long courses.
  13. Ropes course - Find adventure in the treetops, work on team-building, all while getting an adrenaline rush on an indoor or outdoor ropes course such as the Canyon Climb Adventure.
  14. Themed 5K - Lace up your running shoes and run a themed 5K race, such as the Color Run.
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