Family Fitness is in the Cards

Beat the winter doldrums and stay fit with this fun family activity.

A Fun Fitness Game the Entire Family will Enjoy

Now that the holidays are over and winter has driven many of us indoors, families need creative ways to beat boredom and maintain family fitness. Here is a fun game that will get your family's collective hearts pumping this winter!

It's All in the Cards

Using a deck of cards, decide ahead of time what exercise each suit represents. For example:

  • Hearts = Jumping jacks
  • Spades = Push ups
  • Clubs = Running in place
  • Diamonds = Toe touches
  • Be creative by including a jump rope, dumbbells, balls, or other exercise equipment.

Shuffle the deck of cards. Each person draw a card in turn and do the activity that is represented by the suit. The number of repititions depends on the card value. In our example, an 8 of hearts would be 8 jumping jacks. Face cards and aces equal 10.

To mix it up, face cards can allow the individual to choose which exercise they want to do, and aces allow the person to "give" their exercise to someone else of their choosing.

If you like, keep score by tallying the total number of repetitions each person does.

Brian DeLay

Brian DeLay is an airline pilot living in the Midwest with his wife and three children. As an avid runner and cyclist he has completed numerous half-marathons, marathons, and cycling "century" rides, and serves as the race director for the Run for the Ridge 5K. His favorite activities are those he shares with his family. Visit Brian on Google+

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