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Offshore Sailing School A Learn to Sail Vacation A Learn to Sail Vacation

Offshore Sailing School

Learning to sail on vacation can be accomplished in three intense days, which involves most of your waking hours. Or you can do a five-day program where you learn in half-days with free time to enjoy other resort activities like bicycling, kayaking, running, walking, fitness centers, tennis, golf and – of course – sightseeing. Anyone of just about any age can participate. Sailing requires dexterity but not extreme strength. During the learning process you learn to use balance and body position while pulling in and easing out lines, and while steering the boat. As crew and skipper, you become adept at quick reactions to maximize the wind’s direction and power.

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Doris Colgate

Doris Colgate is CEO and President of Offshore Sailing School, a sailing education company with eight locations in the U.S. and Caribbean.  An avid sailor, Colgate has cruised and raced in many of the world’s sailing destinations and is passionate about living the sailing lifestyle. Founded In 1964 by Olympian and America’s Cup sailor Steve Colgate, Offshore’s number of graduates is over 130,000. The Colgates are dedicated to providing sail-training adventures that foster mental and physical well-being.