Indoor Skydiving - Exhilarating Fun, Fitness, and Flight

iFLY The dream of flight - indoor skydiving at iFLY The dream of flight - indoor skydiving at iFLY

Discover body flight! Like skydiving, without the airplane and parachute, indoor skydiving is exhilarating fun that is a great workout for any age.

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The Dream of Flight

The entire concept of flying your body is exhilarating! People have always dreamed about human flight and being able to freely maneuver our bodies without being attached or strapped to anything.

This dream is a reality!

Free fall skydiving provides that freedom for people who actually want to jump out of a perfectly good airplane. But indoor skydiving, or wind tunnel flying, gives an almost identical experience and is available to all ages. Children from age 3 and up to the young at heart are able to fly, making their dreams come true.  

At iFLY, not only do we see parents with kids, we also see grandparents participating in indoor skydiving. In fact, our oldest flyer was a 103 year old lady from Florida…what a flyer!

Body Flight

There are many different aspects to the sport of "body flight" (flying your body in a controlled manner), many fun skills for to master, and loads of fun to be had along the way.

Wind tunnel flying is such a close replication of “real” skydiving that the majority, if not all active skydivers today use wind tunnel facilities to practice their skills and train as part of skydiving competition preparation. 

A skydiving facility (drop zone) that is located within a reasonable distance to an indoor skydiving facility will typically use the wind tunnel to train their first time students on specific techniques, such as the correct freefall body position, in air communication techniques, how to maneuver while in free fall and much more. This is because the methods used in the wind tunnel are identical to those used in real-time free fall.

Fly for Fitness

Body flight is a sport, and like other sports it requires use of certain muscle groups. When you take your first few flights, we focus on a relaxed position in order to find a balanced pose. But even this is will give your muscles a great workout. Specifically, your upper body, shoulder and arms, and you entire core muscle group are engaged.

As you progress with your skills, learning to fly different body positions, you also begin to learn tricks. This will increase the work out for your body and truly help tone your physique. 

Many tunnel instructors comment that “the tunnel is my work out, it helps to keep me in shape without needing to go to the gym!

Tunnel flyers truly are athletes, and frequent flyers will approach this sport as such. You can’t beat having so much fun while staying in shape!

Gear - No Parachute Required

When you arrive at the facility to fly, we recommend you wear comfortable clothing such as a t-shirt and jeans or shorts, and sneakers. Flyers that are new to the sport will always be provided equipment onsite. This equipment includes a flight suit, which is a one-piece skydiving suit that will go over your clothing. The flight suit is designed not only to protect your clothing, but specifically to produce "drag" in the appropriate areas to help support your flight.

A helmet and flight goggles are also provided for your protection. Once you become hooked on the sport of body flight (and you probably will), you might consider purchasing your own flight suit and helmet. These items can be ordered in specific made-to-measure sizes and color, tailored for each individual.

First Timers - What to Expect

As with any new sport or skill, the first step is to receive basic instruction. At iFLY, we will teach you how we operate and what you can expect when you first enter the wind tunnel.

Indoor skydiving isn’t like a ride where you enter a moving machine, strap yourself in, and go where the ride takes you. Wind tunnel flying is truly as realistic as skydiving as you are free of any harness or constraints. This means that there are specific things you'll need to know in order to control your body while flying. Even though the instructor will be right there with you for the entire flight, assisting in shaping your body for good balance, our goal is to prepare you to fly solo.

What does body flight feel like? Have you ever been driving down the highway with the windows down and put your head out to feel the breeze? This is similar to the sensation you'll feel when you are flying, except now the wind is around your whole body, supporting you while you are literally floating in the air! It’s an amazing feeling!

How do I Get Started?

The first step is to visit iFly - there you can search for a nearby indoor skydiving facility, check out the experience, and learn more about this new, exciting sport of body flight. 

Once you select a location, you will be able to make a reservation online and prepare for your first indoor body flight! Prepare to fly like a super hero!

Rusty Lewis

Rusty Lewis has 17 years experience skydiving and body flying, has multiple competition medals and has held many skydiving free-fall records. He operates the International Body Flight Association, a company that promotes the sport of indoor skydiving, tracks participant skills, and trains and monitors wind tunnel instructors. As an active wind tunnel instructor and instructor trainer you may see him flying around at an iFLY near you! Visit