Kayaking - Experience Fitness from a New Perspective

Alder Creek Kayak Kayaking - a great low impact workout Kayaking - a great low impact workout

Discover kayaking for a great low impact workout while experiencing the beauty if nature.

Explore Nature, Stay Active

Exploring waterways in a kayak not only provides great low impact exercise, it fulfills the most primitive desire to travel. Some of the world’s most beautiful locations can be experienced from an entirely new perspective! This family friendly form of stress free exercise is the best way to explore the world beyond terrain.

A Great Way to Enjoy the Outdoors Together

Kayaking has no age limit and can be easily tailored to all physical abilities. Read here about Jennifer Chaillie, a quadriplegic kayaker! Children have a blast cruising through calm water, helping adults maneuver tandem kayaks, or learning to use a craft of their own. Kayak camping trips and day trips provide an excellent opportunity to improve coordination, strength, and most of all, build character with a new experience. Getting the entire family involved helps children and adults alike gain an understanding for the importance of nature and physical activity. And contrary to popular belief, kayaking does not revolve around upper body strength or maximum stamina. In fact, difficulty level is entirely up to the paddler. The benefits remain the same whether the destination is a calm lake, or a roaring river. 

A Kayaker on Flat Water
Kayaking is a highly accessible sport

An Accessible Sport

Be it flat water, ocean or white water, there are many social outlets, world class instructors, and numerous rental fleets around the country. And it may come as a surprise how accessible local waterways are. A quick online search yields a variety of rental and retail information and group events in and around municipalities from coast to coast. Local paddling organizations strive to get more people involved with this amazing sport, and often put together large group outings. The supportive and caring nature of the kayaking community inspires up-and-comers to learn more and see more.

7 Kayaking Tips

As your aspirations for the beauty and physical benefit of this exciting sport grow, so will your skill level. Here are 7 tips to give you a head start:

  1. Take Lessons - Lessons are a great option for learning proper technique to avoid injury, and get the most out of the paddling experience.  
  2. Wear the Boat - The connection of the body to the kayak greatly effects efficiency. Learning to "wear the boat," as opposed to sitting in the boat will improve the ability to handle choppy conditions and increase speed.
  3. Get Fitted - Once appropriately fitted to a kayak, the physical benefits become more apparent, and far less strenuous.
  4. Use Your Core - Kayaking primarily utilizes the core muscles, limiting fatigue to the arms and shoulders. When paddlers break the habit of using their arms exclusively, their much stronger core takes over, alleviating the rigors long associated with man powered watercraft.
  5. Rotate Your Torso - The motion of winding and unwinding the torso is the key to efficient paddling.
  6. Sit in an Upright and Active Position - Proper technique also vastly improves posture. By maintaining an upright and active seating position, the torso is allowed greater freedom of motion, improving rotation, efficiency, and endurance.

Regardless of a paddler’s kayaking ambitions, anyone can improve core strength with this fun and scenic activity. Discover kayaking today!

Meloy Ady

Meloy Ady is a Sales Representative and Website Manager for Alder Creek Kayak Supply in beautiful Portland, Oregon

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