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Reefs, Wrecks, Fitness and Adventure! Scuba diving combines exercise with incredible visuals and opportunities to discover amazing corals and tropical fish.

Reefs and Wrecks, Fitness and Adventure

In Miami, we love water sports -- pleasure boating, water skiing, snorkeling, jet ski adventures, paddle-boarding, fishing -- but especially scuba diving on the incredible natural reefs and superb wreck sites offshore.

It's a family-friendly adventure that combines good exercise in the outdoor environment with incredible visuals and opportunities to discover amazing living corals and fascinating tropical fish species in the wild.

Great Exercise

Scuba diving is great exercise, burning up to 500 calories per hour, while enjoying the wonders of nature. It's an amazing experience to see schools of tropical fish, elegant species of corals, sea fans and sponges in the clear blue waters surrounding Miami and the Florida Keys.

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Where to Learn

Learning to dive is easy, and there are both coastal and inland dive schools across the country. Several classroom sessions, a few pool activities to test your equipment and master your skills, then you're boarding the dive boat to experience your first ocean dives with the instructor.

What About Gear?

It's important to have the right gear and know how to use it properly. A trip to a local dive shop can help you learn the basics of how to find a mask that fits just right, plus fins that match your leg strength and capabilities. Perhaps most important is your choice of a good buoyancy vest and reliable regulator to ensure that you can control your ascent, descent and your breathing along the way. A good dive computer will calculate your depth and time metrics to advise you how long to stay and when it's time to return to the surface.

Dive in, Get Fit!

Scuba diving is a great way to enjoy the ocean while engaging your body in a full range workout -- without breaking a sweat. Learning to breathe right, spending time in the ocean, enjoying the clear, clean air far away from the city, and soaking up some sultry sunshine along the way is just what your body needs to help you stay fit. It is perfect exercise for friends and family to remain active and engaged in physical activities in the natural environment. After an invigorating and healthful day on the boat and in the ocean, I feel fantastic. I've built up a healthy appetite, soaked up some sun and experienced some serious quality time with my scuba diving friends. For individuals and families who enjoy a lifestyle of health, fitness and fun, scuba diving offers a great opportunity to be active, enjoy nature and pursue some truly amazing adventures along the way.

Robert A. Burr

Robert A. Burr is an adventurer who loves to share his enthusiasm and passion for food and drink, scuba diving and traveling the world. He's an accomplished writer and publisher, photographer, film maker, record producer, software author and events producer based in Coral Gables, Florida. Robert is the host of the Miami Rum Festival, the largest gathering of rum experts and enthusiasts in the world. He is the leader of the RumXP (International Rum Expert Panel) judges at global competitions. For more information about scuba instruction, visit Robin's Personal Scuba Instruction.

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