Give it a Tri! | Part 7 - How to Get Started

Get started today! Get started today!

Prepare for your first triathlon by observing one first.

Watch a Triathlon

Watching a triathlon before entering one is wise. This gives a feel for the flow of events and it’s a good chance to see what others are wearing, how to set up a transition area, and ask questions. 

Local running stores, bike shops, and triathlon retailers are great resources for the beginning triathlete. Informational flyers, calendars of events, access to local triathlon clubs, workout groups, and coaches can all be found in local stores.

Give it a try!

The triathlon community is welcoming and supportive and encourages the new participant. Anyone searching for a healthy activity in a positive environment would find this and more in the sport of triathlon. Why not give it a try?

Anne Wilson

Anne Wilson is the co-owner and head swim coach of Camelback Coaching, a full-service triathlon coaching company located in Scottsdale, Arizona. Anne swam competitively, including collegiately at the US Naval Academy, before diving into the sport of triathlon. She has competed in triathlons for over twenty-five years and coached full time for ten. For more information, please visit