Staying the Course - A Mother Completes Her 30th Triathlon

Cathy Thurwachter Completes Her 30th Triathlon Cathy Thurwachter Completes Her 30th Triathlon

A commitment to fitness - Cathy Thurwachter completes her 30th triathlon.

A Commitment to Fitness

For each of the past 30 years two things have happened in the Midwestern town of Lake St. Louis, Missouri.  The first is the Lake St Louis Triathlon.  The second is Cathy Thurwachter completing the race. On August 25th 2012 - for the 30th time in a row - Cathy swam, biked and ran her way to the finish.

My, How Things Have Changed

Over the years there have been many changes to the race. The race has changed locations, distances and the manner in which it has been contested.  Cathy recollects that back in the old days she would change from her swimming wear to a nice cycling outfit for the bike portion, then into a cute running outfit to round out the event. Today, competitors wear the same race singlet and blaze through the transitions, saving precious time in their overall finish.

Cathy also remembers how few women participated in the event when she first started racing and how excited the spectators and volunteers were when they saw her on the race course. She would hear comments like, "look here comes a girl," or "Wow! there is a woman doing this triathlon thing! Go, girl go!"

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Be Fit

Like the race, Cathy and her husband Rick have also experienced some changes over the years. After Cathy started racing, the couple moved to Lake St. Louis so she could swim in the lake and bike and run on the surrounding roads. They now have two daughters and have both retired from their jobs. But the one constant in all the years I have known Cathy is her commitment to staying active. Cathy's personalized license plates speak volumes about her philosophy and lifestlye. ...BE FIT.

I have the utmost respect for and admiration of Cathy's ability and her desire to stay motivated and fit enough to start what she has set out to do 30 times in a row. Swim, bike and run to the finish line of the Lake St Louis Triathlon.

Larry Klutenkamper

Larry Klutenkamper is retired and works part time in public relations, marketing, and community involvement in the fitness industry.  He is also an avid triathlete and has an impressive triathlon resume including 4 Ironman distance finishes.  As an accomplished cyclist, Larry has competed in road races, criteriums, and time trials, and is a USA Cycling Category 1 expert in mountain biking.  Larry lives in the Midwest with his wife Jane, who is a cancer survivor and accomplished athlete as well, and has 3 grown children and 4 grandchildren.  All 3 of his children have run marathons with Jane.

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